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Lacy continues Adopt-A-Cop efforts

Mrs. Sadler's class raised the most money for Adopt-a-Cop. Lacy Elementary raised $2,000 for the Collin County Adopt-a-Cop program as part of its community care project initiative.

All money collected goes toward the purchase of body armor for the Princeton Police Department. However, the agency still needs additional funds to fully equip every officer. For this reason, Lacy will continue to accept donations and is asking the community to pitch in.

There are two ways to donate. Bring cash or check to Lacy Elementary, 224 E. College St., or go online to Cost to purchase the needed life-saving equipment for each local officer is $370.

Mrs. Shelly Sadler’s 2nd-grade class collected the most money and was treated to a party for them and members of the Princeton Police Department.

“During the party, the officers let the students get in the back seat of the police car and listen to the sirens,” counselor Maitee Helms said.

In addition, there was an assembly to recognize law enforcement officers for their service, and Lacy presented the police department with a check for the donation.

Mrs. Sadler’s students earned the opportunity to throw a pie in the principal’s face during the presentation because they had raised the most funds.

“Originally, Mrs. (Liz) Goen was going to get the pie in the face, but Chief James Waters stepped forward and let the students decide who would get the pie,” explained Mrs. Helms, who helped organize the community service project. “They voted for Chief Waters.”

Grace Kay had the honors of throwing the pie in Chief Waters' face. Lacy's service project was inspired by the initiative’s Facebook page and the #backingtheblue efforts.

“The recent pre-planned attacks on Dallas and Baton Rouge police showed us the lack of adequate armor available to our patrol officers who are always the first to arrive on scene,” said program founder Brandi Leber. “The Adopt-A-Cop #backingtheblue program was started in Hopkins County to bring communities together to adopt officers and provide them with rapid deployment armor that can save their lives.”

Each year, Lacy Elementary students get involved in a worthy community service project.

According to Mrs. Helms, these care projects teach the students about getting involved in the community they live in and show them how anyone is capable of helping, even a child.

For more information, contact Mrs. Helms at 469-952-5400 ext. 3232 or email

Students got to tour the police car.