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Voters approve bond election

Princeton ISD voters approved the $93.6 million bond package with a vote of 463 for to 122 against.

"The Board of Trustees and I thank the voters for supporting this bond proposal," Superintendent Philip Anthony said. "It is a great step forward for both the students and the entire Princeton community. You have my commitment and the commitment of the Board of Trustees to continue being good stewards of your money as we move forward with the construction projects. We appreciate your trust and support."

The funds will pay for the construction of two elementary schools, expansion of Jr. High #2 during original construction, Lacy and Godwin renovations, road and parking improvements, turf for the baseball and softball fields and the purchase of five new school sites.

Currently, plans are being finalized to schedule the construction projects approved during the election.

The preliminary timeline includes:

1) Jr. High expansion, June 2017

2) Interior renovations Lacy, June 2017                                                                         

3) Renovations Godwin, June 2017

4) Purchase school sites, June 2017

-Jr. High site (NE Quadrant)

-Combo Jr. High/High School site (SW quadrant)

-Elementary site (NW quadrant)

-Elementary site (SW quadrant)

5) Additional game field for two Jr. Highs, December 2017

6) Elementary #5, March 2018

7) Replace and widen Bois D’arc, April 2018

8) Parking replacement, April 2018

-Stadium / Special Program parking

-Additional parking tennis

-Additional parking multi-purpose

9) Turf baseball and softball, June 2018

10) Elementary #6, March 2025